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Re: Autobyhand support for task overrides [dak/master] Add a note that people should use dcut for commands files [dak/master] catch more UnknownFormatError [dak/master] catch UnknownFormatError in process-unchecked/check_dsc [dak/master] Compress all pgsql backups [dak/master] debianqueued: Fix a brown-paper-bag bug (we just dont know who to assign tthe month name.he bag too). strftime %b is better than %B for [dak/master] Fix my mail address. Contrary to common belief i am not :) [dak/master] Ignore if ldap server is down [dak/master] Its dsc_filename [dak/master] Make the ssh calls a bit more robust [dak/master] Merged a patch from Frans Pop making byhand-task fail on uploads to anything other than sid [dak/master] s/troup/dak/ [dak/master] To avoid dangling current symlink and have the latest dump easily readable - compress only psql dumps older than a day, ie keep todays ones uncompressed [dak/master] Updated mailinglist location [dak/master] Work around a git bug dak VCS is now git ftpmaster-dak r1097: Lowercase urgency a little earlier ftpmaster-dak r1098: Merge from otavio Organisation sucht Dienstleistende Please pull from git:// master srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.751,1.752 srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.752,1.753 srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.753,1.754 srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.754,1.755 srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.755,1.756 srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.756,1.757 srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.757,1.758 srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.758,1.759 The last update was on 15:36 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 31 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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