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Re: Autobyhand support for task overrides

Frans Pop wrote:
> I've opted to just fail the byhand processing for any other suite than 
> unstable/sid. The correct processing is probably:
> - for testing: just drop the overrides file and only accept the package

It would be possible to have the overrides only affect testing, but this
would need modifications of mk-extra-overrides.sh to read different
overrides files. Since unstable uploads would still need to affect
testing too, this doesn't seem likely to be useful. A tasksel upload
targeted directly at testing would be a very strange case anyway.

> The code used is borrowed from the D-I autobyhand script, so it should be 
> low-risk change. After Joey acks this change I'll push it to a dak bzr 
> clone for integration.

Seems right to me.

see shy jo

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