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Autobyhand support for task overrides bzr commit mails ftpmaster-dak r1068: Merge from Thomas ftpmaster-dak r1069: Merge logfiles branch ftpmaster-dak r1070: Merged pseudopackages branch ftpmaster-dak r1071: Merge Thomas fix for check_hashes ftpmaster-dak r1072: Rename daily cronscript to dinstall, as its not run daily for a long time now ftpmaster-dak r1073: Seems more correct to use the start time we saved in for the cron mail ftpmaster-dak r1074: Merge Thomas branch to change NEWs layout ftpmaster-dak r1075: Another merge from Thomas nicer-new tree ftpmaster-dak r1076: WTF? rm -f ? WTF? ftpmaster-dak r1077: Do not allow o-p-u-new to break dinstall ftpmaster-dak r1078: Merge the cleanup branch, part 1 ftpmaster-dak r1079: Tell bzr that should be executable ftpmaster-dak r1080: Merge again from the cleanup branch ftpmaster-dak r1081: Merge again from cleanup branch ftpmaster-dak r1082: Merge from Thomas ftpmaster-dak r1083: Merge from cleanup branch ftpmaster-dak r1084: Merge from cleanup branch ftpmaster-dak r1085: Why, o why, do i always write extensions when i mean exceptions? ftpmaster-dak r1086: Merge cleanup branch, take X ftpmaster-dak r1087: Use a function for the timestamp stuff ftpmaster-dak r1088: Merge mailtags ftpmaster-dak r1089: HAHA. Lets put the header in the right place ftpmaster-dak r1090: Merge mailtags ftpmaster-dak r1091: Merge mailtags ftpmaster-dak r1092: Merge mailtags again ftpmaster-dak r1093: Merge from sgran, so we add the date header, as the exim setup debian uses doesnt do that for us ftpmaster-dak r1094: Merge transitions fix to work around a syck dump bug ftpmaster-dak r1095: Change pseudopackage maintainer name. ftpmaster-dak r1096: Merge autobyhand for tasks srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.746,1.747 srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.747,1.748 srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.748,1.749 srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.749,1.750 srcdep Packages-arch-specific,1.750,1.751 The last update was on 10:26 GMT Sat May 25. There are 38 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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