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bzr commit mails


as you might have noticed a second ago, I just enabled bzr commit mails
to get send to this list. It is run on ries, and I plan to soon do it on
klecker too, even if many of the "commits" there might just be "Merged
From ftpmaster".

In case someone argues that this generates way too much noise for this
list and breaks existing conversations I might go and make this an alias
on ftp-master.d.o, but as that would require manual support whenever
someone wants to join/leave, I would like to not do that. Also, lists
are archived. :)

(Harr, I should have done this weeks ago, with all the commits Ive done
in the recent past. :) )

bye, Joerg
>  I. What would you do if a package has no sane default configuration?
>     (There is *no* default configuration that works on most systems!)
   The best thing to do would be to add such a default configuration.
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