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Re: Re: How to use dak??

Hi,Wouter Verhelst,

Thanks for your advice.
Actually,I want not to make a merely debian ftp mirror,because all the software in 
the debian pool repository are recompiled by buildd to port a new mipsel architecture
machine-Godson,which is a new kind of mipsel CPU designed by Institue of Computing 
Technology in China.

So,we have to make a debian ftp mirror by dak so that it can cooperate with buildd.
Is dak the best solution of this??
but I also have something not understand:
How dak can differentiate the binary .deb files with different version numbers??

======= 2006-11-19 22:01:39 Original Message=======

>On Sun, Nov 19, 2006 at 03:28:46PM +0800, Zhibin.Guan wrote:
>> Hi,debian-dak,
>>       Recently, I want to make a large debian pool repository to make a debian ftp mirror,
>Just for clarity, since I'm not sure you're not misunderstanding stuff:
>If you want to run a mirror of the official Debian ftp archive, you do
>*not* need dak. Even more so, using dak would needlessly complicate your
>For mirrorring the official FTP archive, it would be better to just use
>the "debmirror" script, which was written specifically for that purpose.
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