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Re: gaim-extendedprefs


On Sun, 2006-10-08 at 02:09 +0100, peter green wrote:
> looking at the buildd logs for gaim-extendedprefs it seems all but one of
> the builds in september failed (probablly due to the gaim packages
> transitioning at the time) but all those in october succeeded.
> are theese in the queues for another attempt and if not can they be added?

The description of the debian-dak list reads:

Discussion about the Debian Archive Software, consisting of dak for the
archive and the buildd related parts wanna-build/sbuild. 

That is, it is intended for discussion about the software, not queries
about the build status of particular packages, etc. Please direct your
queries to the buildd maintainers at $arch@buildd.debian.org



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