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RE: gaim-extendedprefs - more packages affected by same issue

gaim-irchelper and gaim-thinklight also seem to have been affected by this
issue (though on a lesser number of architectures), can you check if they
are queued for another attempt too?

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> From: peter green [mailto:plugwash@p10link.net]
> Sent: 08 October 2006 02:10
> To: debian-dak@lists.debian.org
> Subject: gaim-extendedprefs
> looking at the buildd logs for gaim-extendedprefs it seems all
> but one of the builds in september failed (probablly due to the
> gaim packages transitioning at the time) but all those in october
> succeeded.
> are theese in the queues for another attempt and if not can they
> be added?

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