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ideas about fcc-pool support


as we now have a list here, forwarding some ideas ...


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Subject: ideas about fcc-pool support
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 12:33:41 +0100
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some ideas about the splitted pools for fcc/....

IMHO, requirements are:
- it need to be possible to have packages different for different suites
  (like: sarge has 11 archs as fcc, etch and sid not)
- the solution should be generic, and should allow to have multiple
  reduced pool-trees
- the new trees should behave like the current one, e.g. StayOfExecution
- allow in some way to push an arch into a new tree in small chunks
  (e.g. .5 GB/day or so)

In addition to the generic ftp-tree, this needs one or more customized
trees (with the same structure as /org/ftp.debian.org/ftp) that only
have the part of the files that are required for that arch (called
"extra trees", "extra pool", ...). There are two ways when to create the
extra files (that should be hardlinked to the ones in
/org/ftp.debian.org/ftp for space considerations): Either change kelly
to do it during file installation, or create a new script that populates
an extra dir, according to the configuration. For deletion of the extra
files, the same possibility comes up: Either do it during rhona, or do
it in a new script.

Some random reasonings:
- there might be reasons to delete a file in an extra pool even if it is
  not deleted in the main pool. That happens if the package is removed
  in only some suites it is currently in, and the suites where it stays
  are not in the extra tree, at least not for the architecture the
  package is. That happens also if the arch=all-files are handled
- It might be possible to create the extra pools based on the
  override-files from denise, but I tend to create the pools directly
  from the contents of the database - though that might mean to move
  some parts of denise into katie.py (which could also reduce
  code-duplication with natalie a bit?), or creating more code
- Because of the just said, I tend to create the files in the extra
  pools in a new script. The new script should also handle symlinking of
  the packages files.
- For deletion, it's just more or less the same as currently, only in an
  extra dir - so, no reason for a new script.
- To keep control of the extra files, I would create a new table that
  has all files in the extra tree, and would reference to the table
  files. This new table has also an last_used-entry that can be used for
  pruning files in the extra pools. Of course, there needs to be another
  table that just has a link to the different extra trees.
- For addition of a new arch to the extra tree, it should be possible to
  tell the creation script to link at maximum a certain amount (in
  bytes) of new files per run - in that case, probably linking of
  packages files should be switched off for those archs. Hm, perhaps
  that should happen in the way of an "override" (and the files will not
  be deleted by rhona as long as the usage count is updated every day,
  even w/o a packages file, so this is not too hard).

Any comments to these first ideas on implementation?


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