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Re: Bug#514023: lists.debian.org: Request for debian-blends mailing list

On 09:24 Fri 13 Mar 2009, Andreas Tille wrote:
> No.  The main reason for the renaming is that the former name was
> missleading and people used the custom list for discussion about things
> which was not the original target of the former CDD now Blends effort.
> The list was used for discussion about how to customise your private
> Debian  customisation and things like that.  This was perfectly reasonable
> and interesting discussion but leaded to endless missunderstandings
> especially for newcomers.
> So a simple renaming of the list would leave people into this topic
> alone and they would not find a reasonable place to discuss these
> issues.  The perfect solution would be to manually investigate all
> the past mails and tag those who are Blends related and move only
> these to the new list.  I would even spend some time on this issue
> if this is technically possible and would not be to complicated.
> But IMHO just renaming the list is not a good solution.
>> I see no difference on renaming the list and re-start using it as Pure
>> Blends. It makes not too much sense to just drop other list which
>> archive could be useful for other people too and pretend that the CDD
>> list was never there.
> Well, we definitely have a loss of information on the new Blends list
> but I try to solve this by some links to important threads (if the
> chance to take over some mails from the past just is to expensive.

I understand it. So, this is what I think.

Given that the debian-custom mailing list was created for the same
purpose and reason why Blends was born, which is providing a discussion
forum for Debian-based distribution, it's a bit a difficult right now to
take into account those users who started taking the list as a forum for
Debian pimping. Given that this is only a matter of a general more
global naming confusion, I strongly support the outcome of renaming the
list now and redirecting and pointing users who still think it's a forum
for Debian customization to the appropiate mailing list, such as
debian-user (or its localized variations).

If we created a different mailing list for Blends, this would lead us to
have similar discussions (both -user and -custom) on two different
places whereas they certainly belong to a single one (-user).

If by any chance, there's an specific need for a customization talk
mailing list, such a list would have to follow the usual list-creation
procedure as any other new mailing list and the listmasters would
consider it, but as of now, it really makes not much sense to me.


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