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Re: Bug#514023: lists.debian.org: Request for debian-blends mailing list

On Thu, 12 Mar 2009, David Moreno wrote:

It's my understanding that Debian Pure Blends is the rename of the CDD
project. Is that correct?


If it's basically the same thing, I believe
renaming the list would suffice, unless there's an actual reason why to
leave -custom orphaned and unattended.

No.  The main reason for the renaming is that the former name was
missleading and people used the custom list for discussion about things
which was not the original target of the former CDD now Blends effort.
The list was used for discussion about how to customise your private
Debian  customisation and things like that.  This was perfectly reasonable
and interesting discussion but leaded to endless missunderstandings
especially for newcomers.

So a simple renaming of the list would leave people into this topic
alone and they would not find a reasonable place to discuss these
issues.  The perfect solution would be to manually investigate all
the past mails and tag those who are Blends related and move only
these to the new list.  I would even spend some time on this issue
if this is technically possible and would not be to complicated.
But IMHO just renaming the list is not a good solution.

I see no difference on renaming the list and re-start using it as Pure
Blends. It makes not too much sense to just drop other list which
archive could be useful for other people too and pretend that the CDD
list was never there.

Well, we definitely have a loss of information on the new Blends list
but I try to solve this by some links to important threads (if the
chance to take over some mails from the past just is to expensive.

Please consider my opinions above.

Well, I have considered it several times.  From a Blends point of
view it would be a better solution to just to rename the list.  But
I'd regard it just unfair against those people who would miss a forum
for the customisation issues.

Kind regards



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