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Custom kernel isn't installed when using '--kernel-packages' switch


When I put my custom kernel in profiles/my-profile.packages, it is
installed along with the official linux-image package.
So two kernels is available in grub menu, but I just want one.

When I remove it from my-profile.packages file and add it by the
'--kernel-packages' switch. I've tried
two forms:

First one, with full path to kernel:

$ build-simple-cdd --dist etch --profile my-profile --local-packages
custom-packages --kernel-packages /path/to/2.6.24-custom_<foo>.deb

And just the name of package:

$ build-simple-cdd --dist etch --profile my-profile --local-packages
custom-packages --kernel-packages 2.6.24-custom
Where the custom kernel package is in 'custom-packages' directory.

Both ways failed.

The custom kernel package is available in CD but d-i doesn't install
it at the target machine.

Any help?

Thanks a lot in advance
Lucas Brasilino

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