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problem with simple-cdd 0.3.9

i'm trying to make simple-cdd work but got no luck so far, the error
is always the same:

after downloading docs and kernel from debian mirror (using
ftp.debian.org but the results are the same whichever mirror i use) 
i get 

Error parsing /media/samu/tmp//mirror/conf/distributions, line 3, column
 A 'UDebComponents'-field is only allowed after a 'Components'-field.

and after that a long list of awk errors and so on; but i think the
problem is that distribution file .

this happens even if i simply launch 
build-simple-cdd --profiles-udeb-dist sid

Modifiying that file didn't help at all, the next run gives the same

looks like it's generated by:
"reprepro -V --noskipold update"

i'm using sid if it can help.


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