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Re: New name: Call for opinions

On Tue, 23 Sep 2008, Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

So in your opinion participants in the vote is readers of this and
related lists that is part of the Debian ring of trust?

Make a better suggestion if you think this is suboptimal.

Suggestion for what?

... for specifying the participants.

I participated in the work towards concensus regarding a name for what
has since been described as "thingy 1". I lost interest when I realized
that the object of the debate was not only that but also other thingies.

I will consider participating in a vote, too, depending on its design.

No, I have no interest discussing (again) if it is better to limit the
scope of this debate to "thingy1". Which also means I have no interest
in discussing how to best design a vote.

You will not discuss, but I propose to start a doogle poll (thanks
to holger for the suggestion) to find a name for the thing that was
formerly known as CDD and is specified by the following features:

  is a part of Debian that
    * customises Debian for specific user needs which might be special
      working fields or language specifics
    * adds some substructure to Debian (meta packages, specific debtags,
      etc.) which simplifies usage for the target user group
    * has a special team of people working inside Debian and as an instance
      to contact upstream authors of relevant software
    * does not use any extra pieces outside of the debian.org domain

What I wanted to say with my paranthesis above was simply that I am
surprised by your change of method.

Damn, I will continuosely change the method until I see a way to
find a new name that is acceptable for a majority.  The current way
is a doodle poll which sounds really promising to me.

I did not mean to judge any of the methods, nor the switch.

Well, I consider switching methods reasonable if one method turns
out to be unsuccessful.  Did I missed something?

Kind regards


PS: Holger I think I've got the point of your other mail (the longer
    one) and I'll answer it later once I gathered the proposals for
    the poll that I would like to create.


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