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seeking simple-cdd maintainers, testing for lenny


i've finally been putting more time into simple-cdd again, and hope to
do a new upload soon.

if anyone else would like to join the simple-cdd team, please let me
know. i'll need a sponsor for the next upload, since the last version
didn't include debian-maintainer headers.

also, please test simple-cdd with lenny, using debian-cd from
subversion(the current debian-cd package is borked, as far as i can

bzr get http://cdd.alioth.debian.org/bzr/simple-cdd/simple-cdd-devel/ ~/my-simple-cdd
cd ~/my-simple-cdd
svn co svn://svn.debian.org/svn/debian-cd/trunk debian-cd
echo 'debian_cd_dir=$simple_cdd_dir/debian-cd' >> profiles/default.conf

remember to use ./build-simple-cdd (rather than build-simple-cdd from
your PATH).

and then proceed to do your typical simple-cdd insanity. please always
test that you can get a default simple-cdd install working before doing
anything unusual.

the wiki at http://wiki.debian.org/Simple-CDD/Howto could probably use
some updating as well.

live well,

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