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Re: Question about how to customize my distro

On Mon, 31 Mar 2008, Harry Jede wrote:

Yes, that's right.
I have also read Andreas document abut this list. But vagrant has
announced this list also for his project "simple-cdd", have a look at
the first line of the wiki:

This is OK.

May be, you should discuss this internaly, inside debian, and come up
later with a solution.

The solution is simple: Discussing the issues here is fine.  There
is no better list for this (eccept starting a simple-cdd list on
alioth, but that would be nitpicking).  It is just helpful if the
poster exactly specifies what he is doing.  I just have not (yet!)
any experiences with simple-cdd (because of time constraints) and
thus I can not comment on this.  Regard my mail as meta comment and
not as an attempt to help solving a problem.

Kind regards



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