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Question about how to customize my distro

Hi, I make my own distro and I make the basics .debs to customized,
but now I want to customized a little more, I wonder if some one here
can help me with some things...

1.- How can I put and remove directs access to de panels? i have seen
in the gconf-editor the objects added on the panels (after the
installation,  and adding the options manually) , but how do i create
the objects at the installation time?? If I not wrong the
_/apps/panel/objects/objectX_ not exists , so if I call it, it may be
and error no?

2.- How can I remove some options of the menu applications (programation,
games, etc), an also remove items from the submenu options like
alacarte from the
menu accessories, and others.

Thanks for all the help that you can give me, and sorry for my English, I
I'm from Venezuela, I'm doing mi best of what I'm learn so far :)



Jesús A. Domínguez S.

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