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explanations for simple-cdd patches (was Re: I'm not getting my debian-custom emails)

On Tue, Oct 23, 2007 at 09:37:44AM -0700, Bruce Korb wrote:
> Anyway, responses to responses in no particular order:
> 1.  The Bourne shell here docs can be indented with tabs if you introduce
>     the marker with "<<-" instead of "<<".  This is true even with the Solaris
>     /bin/sh (about the most retrograde active shell that I know about).

thanks for the explanation. so please file a patch that only makes those
> 2.  The $(...) constructs cannot be used with that shell.  They require
>     POSIX compliance (ksh, bash or others within the last couple of
>     decades).  This is already in use in the scripts.

i have no issue with $(...) constructs. i use them extensively.

> 4.  single line commands:  my terminal windows are all set to 80 columns
>     (OK, "81") so I write readily readable code on the least common denominator
>     terminals and also so I can have 4 columns of text without overlapping.

i agree that that is a good goal, but i find extensive use of \ for line
continuation hard to read, especially in conjunction with very nested
code. please try and maintain the style of code when submitting patches.

again, please separate out your patch into several patches, so that it's
easier to review each change, and consider filing as wishlist bugs in
the debian bug tracking system: http://bugs.debian.org


live well,

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