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less is lost

Hi all,
Have any of you seen build failures looking like the following?

The packages listed as missing below actually exist in the "mirror" directory.
So, I can't figure out what "checkpackages" is complaining about, unless
it is firing off the find that is choking on the "pool" directory.
What is the "pool" directory and where should it be created?

Thank you - Bruce

++ checkpackages
find: /tmp/mk-dist-LnJRTc/simple-cdd/tmp//cd-build/etch/CD1/pool: No
such file or directory
ERROR: missing required packages from profile default:  less
ERROR: missing required packages from profile default:  simple-cdd-profiles
WARNING: missing optional packages from profile default:  grub
popularity-contest localization-config console-tools usbutils acpi
acpid eject lvm2 mdadm cryptsetup reiserfsprogs jfsutils xfsprogs
type-handling debootstrap
ERROR: missing required packages from profile 3parcp:  anacron apache
apt binutils bsdutils bzip2 console-common console-data console-tools
debhelper dhcp-client file gettext html2text iproute less m4 make
modutils ncurses-bin ntp patch perl postfix postgresql ppp procmail
rsync sendmail ssh ssl-cert strace tcsh vim wget
++ exit 1
+ kill -TERM 3098

$ ps
  PID TTY          TIME CMD
29235 pts/1    00:00:00 bash
 3250 pts/1    00:00:00 tail
 5652 pts/1    00:00:00 ps
$ kill -TERM 3250
$ ls /tmp/mk-dist-LnJRTc/simple-cdd/tmp/
cd-build/              extras/                simple-cdd.task.cache
debian-cd/             mirror/
debootstrap/           simple-cdd.excludes
$ ls /tmp/mk-dist-LnJRTc/simple-cdd/tmp/cd-build/etch/
1.diskinfo           list                 packages.i386
1.mkisofs_opts       list.exclude         rawlist
1.volid              list.mid             rawlist-exclude
CD1/                 log.list2cds.i386    stats.excluded.i386
DATE                 make_disc_tree.log
debootstrap/         packages
$ ls /tmp/mk-dist-LnJRTc/simple-cdd/tmp/cd-build/etch/CD1/
.disk/              debian/             simple-cdd/
README.diskdefines  dists/
$ ls -A /tmp/mk-dist-LnJRTc/simple-cdd/tmp/cd-build/etch/CD1/
.disk  README.diskdefines  debian  dists  simple-cdd

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