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Migration 0.3.2 -> 0.3.5 was change .conf processing. Possible regression found.

Hi there

After the upgrading simple-cdd from 0.3.2 -> 0.3.5 the next regression was found:

profiles/miu.conf has the next entries:

simple-cdd run as 
./simple-cdd --profiles miu

Despite of miu.conf default debian_mirror and security_mirror used in 0.3.5.
With 0.3.2 all things are good.
Workaround is to  set "--conf profiles/miu.conf" in command line. 

Quick review of /usr/bin/simple-cdd don't gave me ideas whats happen.

System - Debian Etch 4.0r1. simple-cdd is a backport from unstable.

With best regards, Vlad Shakhov

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