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Some help needed

this is my first post to the MailingList.
Im using Debian now for about 3years and in this 3 Years I had to develop a couple of solutions based on Debian. One of these things I wanna publish as a own Distribution and I found out that cdd is my chance to do this so.
I wanna build a Debian for Internet-Cafe´s with KDE and Kiosktool.
Such soulutions are running for about two Years now in a few Cafe´s, but unfortunately I have to configure and install them by hand everytime... My first steps with cdd didn´t work out so I need some help to get it running .

Maybe someone would like to help me with it ?
If so please contact me under sauron99 [at] gmx [dot] de or ICQ 147770532.

It would be great to get help to give something back to the Community.
Something that didn´t exist yet...


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