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Re: 3 developer meetings in Extremadura 2007

On Thu, 5 Jul 2007, Gustavo Franco wrote:

I would be glad to participate in such a event even if just online
since I'm not in Europe,

If I read the announcement correctly there is a chance for additional
sponsoring ...

if you want to work on and discuss stuff
like: Simple-CDD (vagrantc participation would be a huge win) and the
debian-cd ng in python (debian-images-generator, or just dig as I call

I have to admit that I did not investigated in any CD image generating
technique.  The reason is that I do by no means want to reduce CDD work
onto just providing installer CDs.  For the moment Debian installer is
a solid and very good maintained tool.  My main focus is about the
smooth integration of applications for different fields right into Debian.
On one hand this makes Debian fit for special purposes and on the other
hand it might strengthen upstream developers if their applications
will be distributed on a solid an usable base.  In that way Debian
might fulfil ist mission to spread Free Software also in niche areas -
were currently proprietary systems are used.

There is another reason I personally did not spend much time in
producing installer CDs: I never used an installer CD more than once
per computer.  Debian upgrades just work and while you need an installer
for a quite important step in the live time of a computer, it is
a really low percentage of its live time.  I have the feeling that
there are several things wrong *after* a successfull installation -
I see my main CDD focus in this part.  This does not mean that I
disregard working on installers - I'm just not competent to comment
on it.  In this sense I would suggest you might add a further topic
to the wiki page as a third field to work on in the extremadura meeting.

I've been working on dig since the last debcamp, and the side effect
of a full featured new debian-cd is that it converts Simple-CDD in a
simple "profile selector", something that can be added as a plugin
into dig later. Keep in mind that there's no need to burn Simple-CDD
and CDD toolkit from the first day. Simple-CDD already contains code
to pick a different debian-cd for dig tests. Obsolete Simple-CDD and
pretty much other CDD tools is a dig side effect, not really a goal.
It will happen simple because redoing debian-cd we can extend it for
our current needs in a way that Debian is just a CDD with one D and C.

Is there any documentation about dig available?

Well, great idea anyway. I hope to see you there or work online in some form.

As I said - there should be ways to join in real life.

Kind regards



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