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Re: Education metapackages reorganization

El lun, 25-06-2007 a las 10:01 +0200, Andreas Tille escribió:
> On Sun, 24 Jun 2007, José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:
> > - Add diversions to the desktop menu files.
> I can not comment on the package selection, but I have a hint to
> the menu stuff.  I know that I failed convincing debian-edu people
> to use the cdd-dev package to build their packages and I discussed
> with Petter at DebConf that I start a new approach deriving cdd-dev
> once more from debian-edu (for those who might not know: cdd-dev
> was adapted to support all features of Debian-Edu, Debian-Med and
> Debian-Jr in March 2004, but in Debian-Edu development went on in
> their own tree).  My plan is to use Debian-Edu CVS to change your
> build system to something that other CDDs can use as well and later
> on add all features that are missing for the moment.  I really
> want you to support this idea of a common CDD toolkit and talk
> to me if there are further changes planned.
> Once the above is done I will add the menu feature of cdd-dev
> and I also plan to add a new desktop feature.  Currently the
> menu feature works as follows:
>    1. A menu structure is builded according to the meta-package
>       structure, i.e. in the case of Debian-Med you get an extra
>       Med menu that contains those sections where you installed
>       the meta packages for.
>    2. Every section displays the dependant packages that are
>       included by the meta package (provided that it is really
>       installed which might not be the case for recommends and
>       suggests).
>    3. If the dependant packages contain apropriate menu entries
>       inside tha package, this menu entry is reused.  You can
>       either override this entry (with some more descriptive
>       or add an icon or whatever you like) or add new entries
>       if the package is missing an entry.
>    4. The menu is user based and can be controled by a user
>       role scheme.  Currently user roles are implemented only
>       as UNIX groups which sucks a little bit and does not
>       really scale well, but it should be no problem at all
>       to implement this in LDAP (or whatever you feel apropriate)
>       because cdd-common contains a layer where you can implement
>       some shell scripts that might provide your own implementation
>       of roles.
> If you would like to know more about this I would like you to
> discuss this topic on debian-custom list. 

Sure, your idea looks great, but previously to any discussion, is there
any url to take a look at the details of this idea?

>  Any help to get this
> working inside a common CDD toolkit that is able to build
> Debian-Edu, Debian-Med, Debian-Jr and perhaps Debian-GIS (those
> people agreed at DebConf also to build meta packages - Francesco
> I added you in CC because I don't know whether you are reading
> debian-custom) would be greatly appreciated.

I'm reading it since this moment. I'll help as much as my little free
time let me.
José L.

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