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Re: Education metapackages reorganization

On Sun, 24 Jun 2007, José L. Redrejo Rodríguez wrote:

- Add diversions to the desktop menu files.

I can not comment on the package selection, but I have a hint to
the menu stuff.  I know that I failed convincing debian-edu people
to use the cdd-dev package to build their packages and I discussed
with Petter at DebConf that I start a new approach deriving cdd-dev
once more from debian-edu (for those who might not know: cdd-dev
was adapted to support all features of Debian-Edu, Debian-Med and
Debian-Jr in March 2004, but in Debian-Edu development went on in
their own tree).  My plan is to use Debian-Edu CVS to change your
build system to something that other CDDs can use as well and later
on add all features that are missing for the moment.  I really
want you to support this idea of a common CDD toolkit and talk
to me if there are further changes planned.

Once the above is done I will add the menu feature of cdd-dev
and I also plan to add a new desktop feature.  Currently the
menu feature works as follows:

  1. A menu structure is builded according to the meta-package
     structure, i.e. in the case of Debian-Med you get an extra
     Med menu that contains those sections where you installed
     the meta packages for.

  2. Every section displays the dependant packages that are
     included by the meta package (provided that it is really
     installed which might not be the case for recommends and

  3. If the dependant packages contain apropriate menu entries
     inside tha package, this menu entry is reused.  You can
     either override this entry (with some more descriptive
     or add an icon or whatever you like) or add new entries
     if the package is missing an entry.

  4. The menu is user based and can be controled by a user
     role scheme.  Currently user roles are implemented only
     as UNIX groups which sucks a little bit and does not
     really scale well, but it should be no problem at all
     to implement this in LDAP (or whatever you feel apropriate)
     because cdd-common contains a layer where you can implement
     some shell scripts that might provide your own implementation
     of roles.

If you would like to know more about this I would like you to
discuss this topic on debian-custom list.  Any help to get this
working inside a common CDD toolkit that is able to build
Debian-Edu, Debian-Med, Debian-Jr and perhaps Debian-GIS (those
people agreed at DebConf also to build meta packages - Francesco
I added you in CC because I don't know whether you are reading
debian-custom) would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards



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