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Re: What happened to Agnula.org (DeMuDi)?

Hi Andreas,

|--==> Andreas Tille writes:

  AT> On Fri, 16 Mar 2007, Tomas Nykung wrote:
  >>The reason I didn't recommend the OP to install Etch is that Etch is not
  >>ready for multimedia out of the box, most importantly there is no real
  >>time enabled kernel in stock Etch, and that is a _must_ when working
  >>with real time audio (latency).

  AT> Well, if this is the case why did the people behind 64studio not
  AT> maintain a kernel package that fits their needs.  I would be really
  AT> astonished if there would be no possibility to maintain a package
  AT> linux-image-rt (or whatever name).

I've contacted the debian-kernel team about one year ago, on behalf of
the Debian Multimedia Team [0] , and asked them about the possibility
of having such a linux-image-rt subarch.

They basically welcomed the idea but said very clearly that, before
actually doing that, we (as Debian Multimedia Team) should somehow
"guarantee" that we have enough forces to provide security updates for
such a kernel flavour after Etch gets released.

As I wasn't really sure that the team was able to provide security
support, I've temporary dropped the idea.

Note that this is not only a question of tweaking the kernel .config,
but also of applying a very big patch (the rt patch [1]), which can't
get included in the stock debian kernel right away, as too many
modifications are involved.

  >>It's of course possible to patch and compile the kernel oneself, and
  >>tweak the installation until it works for an audio studio or whatever,
  >>but it's a lot of fiddling around and Free has already done this with 64
  >>Studio, so why not use it? :)

  AT> I'm a little bit confused that Free did so because we had several
  AT> discussions in the CDD field and my impression was that his goal
  AT> would be to go the integration path.  May be he changed his mind
  AT> but it would be interesting if he would share his reasons to do so.

Well, A/DeMuDi stopped after our former sponsor decided to cut the
funding of the project, and not really because it was a fork of
Debian, not anymore maintainable. On the contrary almost every
improvement done within the scope of the DeMuDi project (packages, bug
fixes, tweaks, etc) has been merged back to Debian. And of course the
same is happening with 64 Studio, which is contributing in packaging
and maintaining several important audio packages, and it's fully
compatible with Debian etch.

  >>I haven't tried 64 Studio myself, but based on my experience with
  >>DeMuDi, and knowing that it's basically the same guys behind 64 Studio
  >>(Free) I think it must be good enough for me to dare recommend people to
  >>at least try it.

  AT> It is fine to recommend this and everybody (especially Free ;-)) is free
  AT> to use it.

Oh, if had to time do that I would be delighted! :)



[0] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMultimedia?highlight=%28multimedia%29
[1] http://people.redhat.com/mingo/realtime-preempt/

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