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Re: What happened to Agnula.org (DeMuDi)?

(Hope that I'm not breaking the threading, I'm not subscribed to Debian
devel, and if I reply through gmane as I did before, then
debian-custom@lists.debian.org vill not be CC:ed and I'm trying to
respect your wish to CC that list.)

Andreas Tille wrote:

> On Tue, 13 Mar 2007, Tomas Nykung wrote:
>> DeMuDi is dead,
> Hmmmm, well, what exactly means dead?

It's not developed anymore (at least not for now).

> I did not dived into the
> DeMuDi project personally, but besides producing ISO images ready
> to install my impression was that the people connected to that
> project are busy integrating audio related software into Debian
> and try to care about a general audio infrastructure.  This
> effort belongs to the scope of Custom Debian Distributions and
> thus the relevant list is in CC.

We have the impression about what DeMuDi was then :)

>> I would recommend you to try out 64Studio.
>> http://64studio.com
> Well, so far for your recommendation.  My personal recommendation
> would
> be that somebody who is interested in multimedia in Debian would try
> to contact the people behind 64studio.com and explain them the
> advantage
> they could gain if they would try to continue what DeMuDi started
> or to work together with the DeMuDi people.

Well, Free Ekanayaka was the main developer behind DeMuDi, and he is the
main developer behind 64 Studio, no need for him to contact himself :)
He is also an Debian developer working with improving multimedia
support in Debian.

The reason I recommended 64 Studio to the OP was simply that I don't
think it's a good idea to install an ancient version of SuSE when there
are IMHO better and supported alternatives around, for example 64

The reason I didn't recommend the OP to install Etch is that Etch is not
ready for multimedia out of the box, most importantly there is no real
time enabled kernel in stock Etch, and that is a _must_ when working
with real time audio (latency).
It's of course possible to patch and compile the kernel oneself, and
tweak the installation until it works for an audio studio or whatever,
but it's a lot of fiddling around and Free has already done this with 64
Studio, so why not use it? :)

I was myself an DeMuDi user, and my multimedia system is still based on
that DeMuDi install, but I have upgraded to Debian Etch, so there is not
much left on the system from DeMuDi anymore.

(As a side note, I'm using Sarge on my other computers, so I'm a living
proof that there really are people out there in the real world that are
using Debian stable :)

I haven't tried 64 Studio myself, but based on my experience with
DeMuDi, and knowing that it's basically the same guys behind 64 Studio
(Free) I think it must be good enough for me to dare recommend people to
at least try it.

64 Studio is also based on Debian, and fully compatible (AFAIK) as
DeMuDi also was, so it's possible to install packages from Etch on 64
Studio. In fact being lazy as I am, I'm running the 2.6.19 realtime
enabled kernel from 64 Studio on my DeMuDi / Etch system and it works
great :)

> If needed I might seek
> for some examples where I did so when DeMuDi was "farer away" from
> Debian.
> If the 64studio.com people would learn this lession they might
> increase their chances that after a couple of years a mail pops
> up saying "64studio.com is dead, use XYZ instead".  It would be
> so good if people would try to work together with Debian for
> their own profit.

Well, Free is as I already mentioned an Debian developer, so he is
obviously working with Debian already.

In my view 64 Studio _is_ Debian, tweaked out of the box for multimedia
use + commercial support if you need/want it.

Tomas Nykung

(Please CC me, I'm not subscribed)

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