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Re: What happened to Agnula.org (DeMuDi)?

On Fri, 16 Mar 2007, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:

THe problem with maintaining your own kernel is keeping up-to-date with
(1) security fixes
(2) hardware issues

Well, in how far is this different from maintaining your own

A slightly simpler route would be building a slightly-modified
linux-image package (same source, minimal code modifications).

Sure, your kernel package could be the official kernel image + small
diff.  You might perhaps even convince the kernel maintainers to
include this package in their builds - I never checked how hard this
is but I'm really sure that I would have tried very hard to convince
them before I would start my own distribution.  You must know I'm
very lazy once it comes to stupid gruntwork.

It would still break all automatically-built modules (linux-modules-extra
(?)),  but then all users will need to do is build modules with m-a .

Is this really the case? Why?

Kind regards



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