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Re: working with debian cd

Paras pradhan wrote:
> Hi all:
> I think i need to learn about tasksel. I need a help on using  tasksel.
> I have a customCD which has base pacakges + xserver-xorg +
> xwindow-system +xfce4 in my pool.
> When i install from that CD., only the base system is installed and
> seems successfull.
> After that i boot into the new system and added the following to the
> /usr/share/tasksel/debian-tasks.desc
> --
> Task: desktop
> Section: user
> Relevance: 8
> Description: XFCE Desktop environment
>  This task provides basic desktop software and serves as a basis for the
>  Gnome and KDE desktop tasks.
>  Key:
>    x-window-system
>    xserver-xorg
>    xfce4
>  Packages: task-fields
>  Test-desktop: 1

Don't use the task-fields method to list packages unless you plan to
edit your Packages file using an overrides file to add Task fields to
all the packages in your task. The task-fields method does not install even
Key packages unless they have a suitable Task field, since it just tells
aptitude to select the entire task for install. You can see this if you run
tasksel with the -t switch.

It's much easier for a CDD to use the list method:

Task: xfce-desktop
Section: user
Relevance: 8
Description: XFCE Desktop environment
Packages: list
Test-desktop: 1

see shy jo

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