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Re: working with debian cd

On 4/17/06, Paras pradhan <pradhanparas@gmail.com> wrote:

I have installed kernel-image and grub in my pool and made a debian
cd,  i think it went fine. But after successful installation i didn't
see my xserver , xfce and other packages. it seems only base system is

Yes, debian-installer with base-installer component only install the base system. If you are looking to install other packages you could check for pkgsel udeb in your repository (if you are using current version of d-i from _etch_). pkgsel will call tasksel in installation time so, you will need customize tasksel to install that other packages.

If you are using d-i current from _sarge_ you will need to look for base-config instead pkgsel but anyways you should create your own tasksel package. If you already have tasksel installed in your build machine, take a look in /usr/share/doc/tasksel for a lot of documentation about tasksel.

I have done

make bin-list TASK=tasks/customcd

where customcd is the list of my pool dir where i can my complete
package list including xserver-xorg , xfce4 etc.

Sorry but I dont understand that question.


Matheus Morais

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