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Re: RFC: debian-lanserver Custom Debian Distribution (CDD)

On Wed, Mar 29, 2006 at 12:14:46AM +0800, Bjørn Stabell wrote:
> I am particularly interested in seeing what's "best practice" in  
> terms of minimizing the number of user/ group databases?  Are you  
> using LDAP, plain unix accounts, or a SQL database?
I have a couple of LDAP based test installations, but I generally just
use a samba smbpasswd file (or lately a tdb database), for passwords,
along with /etc/passwd etc for the user database.

I use pam to authenticate services via the samba pasword database

Flat files generally do fine for me (with up to ~ 200 users per site),
and there is usually only one server at each site.

Having said that, it may be worth it to go to the extra trouble of LDAP
based user databases in a lanserver CDD, because it is then easier to
replicate the database across more servers if needed.  However, it is
extra complexity that isn't necessary for a small site.



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