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simple-cdd 0.2.1 released

well, taking some of the feedback i've gotten from people, transformed
it into code, waited a week while my internet access was dead, and
finally released simple-cdd 0.2.1.

packages (and sources, with deb-src) available at:

deb http://debian-np.alioth.debian.org/debian unstable main


deb http://llama.freegeek.org/~vagrant/debian unstable/

changes include:

simple-cdd (0.2.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * freekbox3 profile:
    - defaults to 2.6 kernel
    - only add CD entry to sources.list if not already present
  * new experimental profiles:
    - fg-baseserver: a simple server image
      + include (but not install) software for:
        web, mail, dhcp, dns, http proxy
    - freekbox3-laptop: additional software for laptops
    - freekbox3-gnome: gnome-based profile similar to freekbox3
    - freekbox3-fgoly: minor changes to freekbox3 from freegeek olympia
  * removed unmaintained "sa" profile
  * per-profile descriptions
  * example exclude files
  * build-simple-cdd
    - "build profiles" that only are used during CD build
    - can be installed into PATH and run from anywhere
    - crude support for an additional mirror
    - allow comma-separated lists for profile selection
    - configuration files and commandline options included on CD
    - able to grab updates from a security mirror
    - new commandline options:
      + set default profiles: --default-profiles
      + build profiles: --build-profiles
      + security mirror: --security-mirror
      + extra mirror: --extra-mirror
  * simple-cdd-packages:
    - do not attempt to install packages already installed
    - option to override debconf priority and frontend
  * freekbox3-multi build profile: multi-profile freekbox3 installer
    - excluded packages by default
  * local package support:
    - attempt to resolve dependencies of local packages
    - use LOCAL/LOCALDEBS feature of debian-cd
  * checkpackages:
    - can now check for packages in any directory
    - handle packages with a "+" in name
    - check for packages included but not asked for
    - check for local packages

 -- Vagrant Cascadian <vagrant@freegeek.org>  Fri, 21 Oct 2005 11:10:14 -0600

whew. hope you like it.

the experimental profiles are just that- there seems to be some problem
with their debconf preseeding i just can't track down.

live well,

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