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simple-cdd help

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On Wed, Oct 19, 2005 at 11:58:19AM -0500, alfonso celestino wrote:

> I would like to use simple-cdd to build a "E-MAIL
> GATEWAY" cd installer, then i need to install
> postfix
> spamassassin
> amavis
> clamav
> ...
> ...
> ...

one thing to note, it will first install exim4, and later in the process
install postfix(which removes exim). it's not easy to avoid installing
exim, unfortunately.

> My doubts:
> 1. About postfix, because this package need that I add
> some configuration parameters 
> into "profile.preseed" file, but I don't know how to
> do that for postfix debconf.

to get a list of questions configurable by postfix, on a system with
postfix installed:

debconf-get-selections | egrep postfix

> 2. About "all_extras", I would like to add more than
> one extra file... is correct to do:
>    all_extras="file1,file2,file2" ?

that should work, and you should be able to specify it without the

all_extras="file1 file2 file3"

> 3. About profile.postinst, Can I add a interactive
> script?

yes, you can write whatever kind of script you want there- just make
sure it's executable, or it won't get included. if the profile.postinst
script depends on certain software, make sure to inclue that in
profile.packages so that they get installed.

live well,

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