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Re: [Cdd-commits] r398 - cdd/trunk/cdd

On 26Sep2005 09:07AM (-0300), Ben Armstrong wrote:
> On Mon, 2005-09-26 at 11:38 +0000, CDD Subversion Commit wrote:
> > Author: tille
> > Date: Mon Sep 26 11:38:44 2005
> > New Revision: 398
> > 
> > Modified:
> >    cdd/trunk/cdd/cdd-install-helper
> > Log:
> > Really fix the dsc Binary issue
> A whole boatload of other pending cdd-commits posts had been filtered
> into my cdd-commits folder but for some reason were not marked as "new".
> So when this one showed up, I discovered them all and released most of
> them.  I did reject two sets of posts from last year, though, because
> they were very old.  My apologies for not realizing this earlier.
> Otavio, it would be great if you could figure out when mailman thinks
> our auto-commit posts have "suspicious headers".  If that problem were
> resolved, these would no longer need my manual intervention to approve
> them.

I just did a quick google search and someone recommends this:

Check at mailman's configuration under Privacy Options -> Spam-specific
posting filters -> Hold posts with header value matching a specified

It seems like that is Mailman's old spam filtering/prevention mechanism.

Carlos Laviola <carlos@rits.org.br>

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