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Re: [Cdd-commits] r398 - cdd/trunk/cdd

On Mon, 2005-09-26 at 11:38 +0000, CDD Subversion Commit wrote:
> Author: tille
> Date: Mon Sep 26 11:38:44 2005
> New Revision: 398
> Modified:
>    cdd/trunk/cdd/cdd-install-helper
> Log:
> Really fix the dsc Binary issue

A whole boatload of other pending cdd-commits posts had been filtered
into my cdd-commits folder but for some reason were not marked as "new".
So when this one showed up, I discovered them all and released most of
them.  I did reject two sets of posts from last year, though, because
they were very old.  My apologies for not realizing this earlier.

Otavio, it would be great if you could figure out when mailman thinks
our auto-commit posts have "suspicious headers".  If that problem were
resolved, these would no longer need my manual intervention to approve


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