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Re: gconf as a customization tool?

On Sunday 25 September 2005 18:13, Vagrant Cascadian wrote:
> when discussing some of the tools available for customized configuration
> of packages on the freegeek distro list, the question was essentially
> posed: where does gconf fit in?

> my limited understanding is that you can tweak existing configuration
> files with it. can you add additional configuration files (like with
> run-parts dirs)? how do upgrades handle gconf customizations? i suppose
> there are different ways to use gconf might fit into different
> categories.
> i'm not very familiar with gconf in general, but i'm curious.

it's possible as gconf allows you to use a different number of 
'configuration sources' (sets of settings) with a priority order between 
the different settings (in case of the same setting being specified by 
different configuration sources the value of the set with the highest 
priority is used).

So what you want to do is add in another configuration source with your 
settings at the right priority.

The big problem is that the list of configuration sources to use, and 
priority of those sources is controlled by a single configuration file 
(/etc/gconf/2/path) controlled by the gconf2 package. That package 
currently doesn't provide a way to add in extra configuration sources or 
control the priority of those sources (other then messing with the 

The package desktop-profiles provides a cross-desktop way to control the 
addition/activation/priority of configuration sets (profiles) (a standard 
way to do this is needed to allow the combination of different 
configuration sets, e.g. from different CDD's)
Cheers, cobaco (aka Bart Cornelis)
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