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Re: Examples for CDDtool

On Tue, 28 Jun 2005, Sergio Talens-Oliag wrote:

Well, Sergio provided such a set in private immediately.  I'll leave
it to him to provide it in public - he might have reasons to keep
it this way.  On the other hand my suggestion would be to move it
into SVN.

 I sent you the package in private because it is work in progress and I
 thought it was not interesting for the general public... in fact it will be
 in the public repository of our distribution in a few weeks (we are testing
 the installations right now).
This is what I meant when writing: "he might have reasons to keep
it this way" :)

 About the sample dataset, as I told Andreas, I plan to give a short tutorial
 about building CDD next week and I will use the current cddtoolkit code.
 I'm going to prepare some slides for the tutorial and will write a simple
 CDD description to show how things work. Once I have them ready I'll put
 them online and will send a link to the list.
I just had a view on your examples and I will prepare a set of remarks.
If you don't like to publish the examples now because they are a moving
target, I'll send you this in private.

 On the cddtoolkit front I have to say that things are far from finished, but
 the good news are that I'm working on adding some of the features right now
 and will be able to keep working on it during July; I'll be building a
 debian-installer for LliureX and while doing it I'll add some of the missing
 features to the current cddtk code.

 More news soon, back to coding... ;)
I think I'll come up with some patches ...

Kind regards



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