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Re: RFC: How to handle configuration files and updates on the cddtool

On Friday 04 February 2005 10:57, Sergio Talens-Oliag wrote:
>   Well, we are sure that we will have the file the user had before
> installing the CDD and generally we can know if it has been modified or
> not:
>   - If it is a file included on a package we have the original md5sum on
> the /var/lib/dpkg/info/PACKAGE.md5sums, so we can verify if it has been
> modified or not and warn the user if it was.

Not all packages include md5sums. Also I'm not too sure if those that do, 
include md5sums for their conffiles and their generated-in-postinst ones.

>   Anyway, keep in mind that this problem is also present for the debconf
>   preseeds, and on that case we are forced to decide which preseed wins
>   (presseding twice overwrites old values).

>   My idea is that, in the future, we will only need to define a CDD
> choosing from a set of task templates that can use special tools to resolve
> this kind of problems by package or, at least, try to avoid problems
> providing tasks that we can install for multiple CDDs at once (our CDD
> Description package can depend on another CDD Description and have our
> tasks depend on other CDD) ... I'll update my CDD Description file format
> to include this option.

In the long term, I think CDDs should aim at integrating (most) of their 
changes into Debian proper. Therefore Debian (IANADD) perhaps should think 
about providing the basic debconf overlays in the official distribution where 
the different CDDs can coordinate. This would automatically lead to the need 
of having mechanisms for "debconf patch ordering" which could then be 
naturally extended by CDDs outside of Debian proper.

Hmmm, thinking about it further, I probably just said "yes" in a very 
complicated manner ;)

Regards, David

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