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Re: RFC: How to handle configuration files and updates on the cddtool

>   r> Alle 11:24, mercoled? 26 gennaio 2005, Sergio Talens-Oliag ha scritto:
>   >>After all packages are installed, we copy the original file to a place we
>   >>can recover it from, like:
>   >>
>   >>/etc/cdd/CDDNAME/orig_conffiles/orig_package/ORIGINAL_PATH
>   >>
>   r> I think that for Policy compliant the original config files must go 
>   r> in /var/lib/cdd/CDDNAME/orig_conffiles/orig_package/ORIGINAL_PATH
>   r> it seems a good keep-it-simple-stupid  approach, i like it.
> Yes, good idea Sergio. I like it too. I  feel it satisfies most of the
> needs of CDDs.  This is just first  impression though.. need to digest
> it a little bit :)

one thing i wonder is how to be sure it's the original configuration
file?  whatever is there when the CDD gets installed?  can we compare
against the package's configuration file somehow?

what if we have multiple CDDs on one machine- one CDD may see the other
CDD's configuration file as the "original".

it might be good, though maybe complicated, to provide CDDs with some
mechanism to know if it's a CDD-tweaked configuration file... something
similar to dpkg-diversions(at least in concept, i have no idea how it is

live well,

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