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CDDs go to Taiwan


On December and January I'll happen to be visiting people in Taiwan, and
to keep myself busy I'm scheduling a talk or two.

Of course I will talk (among other things) about Custom Debians, and I
will try to spread the word and get people to join the party.
Thanks to the recent work by Vagrant, I'll probably be able to show a
super-easy way in and give people a chance to dive right into the game.

After the announcement, a question: it seems that the National Center
for High Performance Computing[1] could be interested in knowing about
Custom Debians as well.  Do you know if there is someone working on CDDs
for clusters or other kinds of high performance computing environments?



[1] http://www.nchc.org.tw/
A project of them is http://drbl.nchc.org.tw/ which Vagrant may be
interested in.  Also Clonezilla (linked from that page) seems
interesting (it mentions Symantec Ghost and Multicast... yum yum yum!)
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