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Re: YaST2 for Debian (aka nYaST)

Am Sonntag, 7. November 2004 15.32 schrieb Jaldhar H. Vyas:

Good morning

First of all. The further discussion for the porting work will be consolidated 
on the debian-desktop lists only.

> > Abstract:
> > I search a person (or more than one) who is interested to port Yast2 from
> > Novell/SuSE to Debian. I'd like to spend some money and/or hardware for
> > this task (I can't spend that much because I'm a student who lives from
> > grants) and perhaps some organizational help.
> Dear Mario,
> I was until recently the Debian maintainer of webmin/usermin.  I have
> filed an ITP (Intent to Package) for Yast2.  And I intend to look into it,
> the hold up at the moment is I am expecting the birth of a baby boy almost

Oh, that's nice. And that's more important than some software. I wish you and 
your wife all the best for the birth of your baby boy.

> any day now. Certainly financial help would speed things up a little but
> thats the main block.
> The first time I brought this up there were concerns about the license
> iirc but according to a Novell rep I talked to once, they do intend it to

Which Novell rep? I thought the license of YaST2 is the GNU GPL.

> be used by other distros so we can hopefully count on them to help resolve

Good to here. I hope they are interested in code to make YaST2 more portable.

> any problems.  I doubt if they would contribute any money though but
> asking is worth a try.

That's the same way I think.

> It's going to take a _lot_ of work to adapt yast2 to Debian, more than
> just tweaking a few config files.

Ok, but what means "a _lot_ of work" in a timely fashion:
- One-man-year?
- A few weeks of hard work?

I think, YaST2 is quite modular. This way the porting could be in levels. Say, 
first the skeleton/framework and then the single modules.
So we could show something working relatively soon?

> > This (or a similar) email goes to the following mailinglists (I'm
> > subscribed to all of them):
> > - debian-desktop [3]
> > - debian-devel [4]
> > - kalyxo and kalyxo-devel [5] & [6]
> > - debian-cdd [7]
> We should probably consolidate discussion on, say, debian-desktop.

See above.


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