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Re: YaST2 for Debian (aka nYaST)

On Sun, 2004-11-07 at 14:25 +0100, Mario Fux wrote:
> Good morning

Good evening!

> I search a person (or more than one) who is interested to port Yast2 from 
> Novell/SuSE to Debian. I'd like to spend some money and/or hardware for this 
> task (I can't spend that much because I'm a student who lives from grants) 
> and perhaps some organizational help.

Although this has been on my wishlist too (I've been wanting to use
code/ideas for my own distro), I must agree with Michelle that it's
slightly short-sighted to focus on YaST2. 

There are many projects and distros that accomplish (parts of) the same
(GST, NetworkManager, Redhat's config tools, Mandrake's, Config4GNU,
Progeny's python-based Configlets, even a few tools I hacked together
for Morphix). 

If you want to gain support for porting YaST2, you'll have to do that
what you didn't want in the first place: discuss why you want this, what
would be the focus and under what flag you want to do this. Only in this
way will you get enough people behind you (you'll still have to 'show
the code' first though)

Personally, I see more in DebianControlCenter. It's more modular and
flexible than any of the existing tools (even GST). The problem with
this is that there's no code yet, but the ideas are spot-on. I guess
that explains my main problem with Debian: lots of good ideas and talk,
not enough code ;-)

rant on,


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