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Re: YaST2 for Debian (aka nYaST)

Am 2004-11-07 14:25:25, schrieb Mario Fux:
> Good morning
> Abstract:
> I search a person (or more than one) who is interested to port Yast2
> from 
> Novell/SuSE to Debian. I'd like to spend some money and/or hardware
> for this 

For what ?

> Because Yast2's source code become free for some time now I see a
> chance to 
> port a well-known (by new users) tool to my preferred distribution.

For a new $USER nothing is well known.
They can Debian nativ tools too.

> 1. Contact me (by private email or mailinglist) and tell me something about 
> your intentions and skills (and work you've already done for e.g. Debian).

? For what ?

> 2. Clarification about the license of YaST2 and it's location on the web.
> See if Novell/SuSE is interested to contribute or at least help to port Yast2 
> (make it more portable and widely used => becoming an industry standard).

Industrial Standard ?
Are you dreaming ?

> 3. Look into the source code to see what work needs to be done. Amount of the 
> work. Say me how much money or hardware or help do you expect from me.

Thats stupid...

> Can YaST2 work with Debian even if you change some conf files by hand?


> 4. Port YaST2 to Debian.

No thanks

> 5. Maintain and enhance YaST2 for Debian.

For what ?
We have enough tools

> Thanks and greets
> Mario


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