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Re: Pre-BOF CDD ideas

On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 06:31, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
> In  Valencia  we agreed   that this list  should  act  as link between
> unofficial CDD  developers and Debian, so  if the DDs on debian-custom
> could help non-DDs uploading their packages that would be great.

How do we ensure that DDs and non-DD CDD developers hook up with each
other in a timely fashion?

The way the debian-mentors list handles sponsorships is one model.  Each
developer is on their own, posting "RFS:" (request for sponsorship)
posts to the list whenever they need one.  However, this leaves much to
chance and it may happen that busy developers will always be thinking
"oh, someone else can pick that one up, as I don't have the time"
because responsibility is diffused across the whole list.  I think for a
quicker turnaround we need co-maintainerships pairing up DDs with non-DD
CDD developers.  I think each CDD should have a group (e.g. "Debian Jr.
Group") with at least one DD in it, and with one of the DDs (if you are
lucky enough to have more than one in the group) designated as the
primary DD.  Indeed, just as soon as I have the junior-* packages all
converted to use the cdd-dev tools, I plan on uploading them to the CDD
cvs at Alioth with the maintainer set to "Debian Jr. Group".

Initially, there will be CDDs with no DDs.  During this startup time,
debian-custom members might step outside of their own particular area of
interest and help these CDDs get started.  The problem is, the reality
of it is that many of us "old-timers" *are* too busy to handle every
sponsorship for a new CDD.  Heck, we are even falling behind on our own
CDDs.  So I think we need to go to the debian-devel-announce list
explaining this need and see who we can interest in this work.  Each CDD
should make its own post to d-d-a requesting DDs to join in.  Then we
can ensure that every CDD has a functional and autonomous working group
that can upload packages of its own in a timely fashion.

synrg at debian dot org

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