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Re: Pre-BOF CDD ideas

On Wed, 2 Jun 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:

> I fit perfectly in this situation. I'm  not (yet) a DD (my application
> is hanging somewhere on Debian  servers..), but I  have lots of things
> related to aGNUla/DeMuDi that  I'd like to  upload and maintain. I set
> up my own repository at http://apt.agnula.org/demudi/, but I'd like to
> avoid that.
> In  Valencia  we agreed   that this list  should  act  as link between
> unofficial CDD  developers and Debian, so  if the DDs on debian-custom
> could help non-DDs uploading their packages that would be great.
Is there at least one DD in the aGNUla project?  This one could sponsor
your packages.  If not I have no doubt that anybody else would sponsor your
packages.  Just ask for sponsoring before setting up a private repository.
Did you just sended ITP bug reports and asked for sponsors inside the ITP?

> IMHO  having  different flavours    of  the same   package  should  be
> considered   an extreme  solution,   when   no  other  alternative  is
> available. As a general rule I think  complexity should be kept at the
> minimum  possible value, and  having 2 packages  for the same software
> means that  you have to double the  work. Just think when new upstream
> source comes out.
The best way would be to send patches to upstream which enables runtime
configuration and then wait for the next upstream release ...
Perhaps this is naive but I can not imagine a relevant amount of packages
that this would be a general problem.

> I  most cases I  think  that a patch can   be included in the original
> package   without  hurt,   by  introducing   a    command  line   flag
> (e.g. /usr/bin/myprog --my-patch) or similar switches.

Kind regards


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