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Re: How to release files on Alioth

Hi Andreas,

To change the development status login to allioth, go to the admin tab and look for the link to edit the Trove Categorization of the project.

I don't know why the CVS statistics are empty, I think that they should be updated by a cron job. Maybe cvs isn't properly integrated with GForge, that makes sense as the other hosted projects seems to have the same problem.

I'm just a casual reader interested in a custom distro based on debian.


Jose M. Rus.

Andreas Tille wrote:

On Wed, 21 Apr 2004, Andreas Tille wrote:

I would like to "release" the cdd-0.3.tar.gz file in our alioth
project but how to do that.  Any fine manual or any volunteer?
Thanks to Ben I now was able to release some files.  Please see


The remaining questions are:

  1. How to change "Development Status" from: Pre-Alpha to Beta ?
  2. Why shows CVS Repository (0 commits, 0 adds) in its statistics
     but Web-CVS shows all files ( at least more than zero ;-) )?

Kind regards


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