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Re: Bug in cdd-update-menus

On Tue, 20 Apr 2004, Cosimo Alfarano wrote:

> If cdd-dev's template creates post* scripts, it can be added directly as
> code portion, instead of executing a script in /usr/share/cdd.
> Append it to templates/postinst, using #CDD# instead of med.
OK, I'll do so.

> BTW: if cdd-dev uses script/functions in cdd-common, it has to depend on
> it, there is a reason I cannot see why it doesn't?
I currently see no dependant scripts but if I have overlooked something we
should fix this dependancy.

> > On the other hand /etc/cdd/med/med.conf could define a "postinst-helper"
> > script which could be run from a general post{inst,rm} script and might
> > be void for other CDDs.
> I'd prefer <CDD>.conf defines only variables, without running any
> script/code, related only to cdd-common issues.
While this is not necessary with the "inline-loop method" I intended to
set the variable POSTINSTHELPER=<script|none> and execute ${POSTINSTHELPER}
in case it is not none.

> A /etc/cdd-dev/#CDD#.conf could be used instead
> (/etc/cdd/#CDD#-dev.conf, but it leads to confusion if there are two
> CDD, one named X and the other X-dev).
No, we do not really need this extra -dev.  I think we go with the inline
method and forget my suggestion (until we might have a better use for a POSTINST

> Or postinst-helper could be added to CDD's post* scripts by some
> parameters (of conffile) in cdd-install-helper, using
> #POSTINSTHELPER# variable in tamplates, that expands to void if CDD
> doesn't define anything, or to the script to be executed, if defined.
Better description of what I intended ... ;-)

Kind regards


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