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Re: menu handling by cdd-common

On Sat, 17 Apr 2004, Cosimo Alfarano wrote:

> Since the main effort of cdd-update-menus is keep updated system's and
> users' menus, and since with the last proposal this effort will be quite
> zeroed, most of the code inside the script might be "old":
> cdd-update-menus uses several loops inside, probably it could be done in
> O(1) at the current state, since there's no more the strong needing to
> keep update ~/.menu/cdd-menu.
I've got an error with your script with the Debian-Med packages:

    err 67: User root is not registered to any CDD
Note: The user which causes the trouble is printed only with my last commit
      to the CVS.

I guess user root has to be excluded from any user menu update.  If I understand
you right if the script is called by root, all CDD users user menu should be
updated but root should not be a CDD user at all (perhaps we should even
check this if it was set by chance).

> /etc/menu-methods/freedesktop-desktop-entry-spec-apps belongs to
> kdelib-bin, probably it's a kde bug, I do not have it installed and
> works fine.
Fixed in unstable.

BTW, I filed the lintian bug regarding update-menus false warnings.

You might check the cdd scripts using the stuff in the med/ tree from
CVS.  You get a tarball by using

      make -f debian/rules dist

(as well as you get the tarball for cdd by this method).

Kind regards


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