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menu handling by cdd-common

Hi CDDers,
 in the next upload of cdd package there will be some news about menu
handling for CDDs.

I'd like to know if CDDs see incompatibilities with the way they
currently handle menus (ore they need to).
We should find a way in which cdd package can handle users/role/menu
(and any other non CDD specific things) registering to cdd
super-infrastructure, letting CDDs focalize on more interesting things.

I repeat: it's important to understand needings for each CDD instance,
so be clear, probably I'm not involved in your CDD ;)

The structure I thought is:
- CDDs has their conf file in /etc/cdd/<CDD>/, in this way it is clear
  that <CDD> belongs to CDD infrastructure (it can be considered a way
  a <CDD> registers itself to the CDD subsystem).
- <CDD> uses /etc/cdd/<CDD>/menu/ to store Debian menu entries, in this
  - /etc/cdd/<CDD>/menu/ will contain generic menus for <CDD>, ie: menus
    which can be interesting for any <CDD> registered user.
  - /etc/cdd/<CDD>/menu/<ROLE>/ will contain menu specific for users
    covering <ROLE> role in the CDD subsystem.
- any registered user has in its home a script named ~/.menu/cdd-menu
  executed by update-menu when run as users (not root).
  It looks for CDDs and ROLEs user belongs to, and prints out them (as
  requested by current menu system)

In this way no files in ${HOME} are touched except for this script.

A user interevention is needed, but it can be done by a script in
/etc/X11/Xsession.d/ running cdd-update-menus (a wrapper around
update-menus), I suppose.

I'm waiting for your comments :)

Cosimo Alfarano, kalfa at {bononia.it,debian.org,cs.unibo.it}
0DBD 8FCC 4F6B 8D41 8F43  63A1 E43B 153C CB46 7E27

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