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Re: roadmap after version 1.0

[Sorry for corsso-posting, but I think this is a topic for all Custom Debian
 Distributions and we currently started a thread on debian-custom about this
 very topic.]

On Tue, 6 Apr 2004, Markus Schabel wrote:

> Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> <snip/>
> > 16 groups, filesystems [..]
> > Cerebrum, user management [..]
> > user friendly interface, webmin [..]
> > ilias [..]
> > this is kurts favourit learning-management system, since it has
> > heavy develpment teams and support behind it (like cerebrum, but
> > better because it is germans doing it :-). there are however
> > 50+ learning-management systems out there and we need an overview
> > of what is good and what the best solution would be.
> > Everone agreed that we do need a learing management system.
> Maybe I have an idea ;)
> We're a small team currently developing a communication platform for
> our school. It's based on PHP and supports LDAP and SQL user management
> and includes a lot of modules. For details see group-office on sf.net.
> It could solve some problems we have here:
> Filesharing over NFS, SMB and WebDAV
> -> deadline is 19th April 04; AFS/coda is on our todo-list, we have
>     not decided yet which system we will use, so we are flexible.
> User Management / user friendly web interface
> -> currently works with SQL users, we have it already running with LDAP
>     users, but this code is not integrated in the actual CVS version, and
>     will be integrated till end of April. It is a nice PHP-based
>     interface and should be usable for users without problems.
> learning-management-system
> -> currently not implemented. we're working an an online test module,
>     but we currently do not support any kind of elearning format. We'd
>     like to integrate some standards (like SCORM), but that is not
>     top-priority.
> Some general things: group-office is used at our school for filesharing
> (via webinterface or WebDAV [SMB and NFS soon]), which does not only
> mean that you can have your files on the server, but also that you can
> share them with others (read- and write-permissions on user- and
> group-base) over these protocols. It additionally has a project
> management module (some of our teachers use this), a calender interface
> (where we can import the timetables of teachers, classes and rooms from
> gp-untis) and some other things (webmail, notes, soon: forum, chat)
> We use LDAP as authentication source, and do all our user management
> tasks via group-office.
> maybe it could be used for skolelinux user management (it is designed
> to be userfriendly and should therefore be usable for everybody and
> could replace webmin for this purpose), maybe the other features are
> also nice for skolelinux ;)
> feel free to take a look or ask for details.. since we're using it on
> debian/testing, it should be no problem to integrate it here; it needs
> php and mysql, and ldap can be used.
Thanks for the hint.  Even if I'm not really convinced that a PHP interface
is needed in any case this might be interesting for any Custom Debian Distribution.

Kind regards


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