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Re: jablicator

On Fri, 2 Apr 2004, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:

>  (1) Should jablicator be mentioned somewhere in section 6
>      of the CDD paper? I think it is relevant.
I had once a quick look at jablicator but did not really understand it's
use.  But if you would write down some lines of description and in how
far this would help CDD I'd surely include it into the paper.

>  (2) I'm considering adding a command line option to jablicator
>      that will place the results on a public website - to make
>      sharing your collection with the world really, really  easy.
>      What do people think about that, and does anyone want to help?
I think this is interesting but definitely no help from my side.
I have to pay attention not to drift away too much form my core
interest: Debian-Med.

Kind regards


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