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I've log been of the opinion that it should be trivial to create a
custom sub-distribution.  Any user who admins a Debian box is
makeing choices about what packages to install - and I'd like them
to be able to push a button and trivially share their choices.

For example, being an image processing guy, I've spent a decent amount
of time finding and installing Debian packages useful to my work on my
workstation. (Ranging from GIMP to python-imaging to tons of more
specialized stuff.) I'd like to easily share my software choices with
the image processing guy down the hall.

To that end I wrote jablicator some time ago, which is currently
distributed in Debian and tries to allow for such things. Take a look
at it if you are interested in the details. I guess I have three

 (1) Should jablicator be mentioned somewhere in section 6
     of the CDD paper? I think it is relevant.

 (2) I'm considering adding a command line option to jablicator 
     that will place the results on a public website - to make 
     sharing your collection with the world really, really  easy. 
     What do people think about that, and does anyone want to help?

 (3) Any other comments? I'm pleased to hear there is a forum dedicated
     to these topics.


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